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Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce is an autonomous college under Savitribai Phule Pune University. We offer following a wide array of programmes in the various contemporary specialisation subjects;

Programmes Specialisations
B. Com Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), Banking, Costing, and Entrepreneurship
B. Com (Interdisciplinary) Interdisciplinary Papers along with Specialisation Subject.
B. Com with ACCA Accounts and Finance
B. Com Integrated with CIMA Management Accounting
B. Com (Business Analytics) Papers related to Business Analytics
B.A. English, Economics, & Psychology
B.A. Economics with Business Analytics Papers related to Business Analytics
Degree with Honours Above All Specialisations
M. Com Business and Technology Management and Sustainable Development for Business
M.A. English, Economics, & Psychology

The Placement Cell of Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce is one of the strong pillars of the college providing job and internship opportunities to interested Undergraduate and Post-graduate students. It actively focuses on preparing the students for various internship and job placement drives. The students go through a rigorous training to prepare their resumes and have mock group discussions and personal interviews. Not only do we train them but also do one on one consultations if the students would like any help with resume or group discussions and personal interviews or a general career guidance. The focus is on building a portfolio of the students right from the first year of their graduation itself. We also host various programs especially for the students placed in different companies to assist them in embarking their corporate journey.

Over the past few years, we have had the Big 4s [Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG)] and various other corporate giants on campus like Wipro, Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, TresVista, TopHire Co., and many others to pick the best possible graduating students. These companies offer various positions like, Assurance Associate, Business Compliance, CFO Office Services, Financial Analyst, Sales Associate, Analyst, Google Ads Analyst, SEO Analyst, Audit and Assurance, Tax Consultant, Teacher Fellowship, Human Resource Analyst to our students.

The Placement Cell has recorded a total of 154 students (till 30th June, 2022) getting placed during 2021-22. The highest CTC offered to PG students is 6.65 LPA and to UG students is 7 LPA. The average package for PG students and UG students is 6.11 LPA and 4.98 LPA respectively.

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Placement Process


  1. Is there a cut off of marks to be eligible for placement?
    It depends on the company’s screening criteria; some companies have strict cut offs ranging from 60% to 75% while some do not have any marks cut off criteria. If there is any cut off criteria it will be communicated to you by the Placement Cell.
  2. Are students prepared to appear for aptitude and GD PI?
    The Placement Cell conducts interactive workshops before the commencement of the Placement Drives to prepare the students for these screening rounds. The students are offered workshops on various topics such as GD PI and aptitude tests so that students are well prepared in advance for them.
  3. What activities are conducted by the Placement Cell?
    The Placement Cell conducts a host of activities for the batch namely,
    i) Conducting several interactive workshops for the students to prepare them for Placement Drives.
    ii) Organising Pre-Placement Talks for the Placement Drive so that the students get a clear picture of the job as well as the company.
    iii) Inviting companies to conduct Placement Drives for the students.
    iv) Acting as an intermediary between the company and students to facilitate a smooth selection process for the students from beginning to end.
  4. How can I be a part of the Placement Cell?
    The Placement Cell offers the position of Placement Cell Coordinators to students after completing their 4th semester. All students are eligible to sit for the screening process and the screening is performed by the Placement Cell on the basis of a personal questionnaire and PI.
  5. Should I only apply to positions that relate to my selected specialisation?
    Students are eligible to apply for all the offered positions in campus placement irrespective of their specialisation. Some companies specify eligible specialisation and, in that case, eligible students from respective specialisation only can apply.
  6. How will I get to know that a company is coming for placement?
    All the details related to the upcoming placement drive are notified on the official WhatsApp class group.
  7. How can I apply for a Campus Placement Drive?
    Students can apply using the google form registration link shared on their WhatsApp class group.
  8. How can I prepare for placement?
    Students are expected to have basic conceptual clarity of everything they have learned. At the beginning of the placement session, Corporate Readiness Workshop is organized by the placement cell where corporate trainers train students for group discussions, resume writing and interview techniques.
  9. Can I sit for more than one placement?
    You can sit for every placement drive until you get placed. However, once you are placed in any company, you'll not be allowed to sit for any further placement drives under any circumstances.
  10. Do I have to attend college regularly to be able to sit for placement?
    No, there is no restriction from the company's side as far as attendance is concerned. However, if you face a backlog from college due to low attendance, you'll not be allowed to sit for any placement drives under any circumstances.
  11. Will every company have a separate aptitude test or one test score be applicable for all the companies?
    Every company will have a separate aptitude test as per their requirement.
  12. If I choose B. With ACCA/CIMA, does it give me an edge over other students sitting for placement in terms of the package that I would be offered for the same level of job?
    No, the package offered by the companies is the same for all the students irrespective of their specialization or ACCA/CIMA.
  13. How does choosing a specialisation affect my chances of getting placed?
    There is no effect on your chances of getting placed through the college placements based on the specialisation you choose. It is solely based on how fit the company thinks you are for the position they offer.
  14. Are there specialisation specific placements and/or companies that prefer a particular specialisation over other?
    Yes, there are many companies who have their recruitment drive eligibility criteria for a specific specialisation, however, all fields do get equal offers. The job profile is what decides this.
  15. Does the college provide Internship opportunities?
    Yes, the students are communicated with all the possible internship opportunities that are brought to the Placement Cell’s notice.
  16. If I do not do an internship from college specified organisations, does it affect my chances of getting placed?
    No, there are no drawbacks at all if one chooses to do internships not offered by the college specific organisations.

2021-22 Activities

  1. Placement Cell Report - 2021-22
  2. Corporate Readiness Workshop
  3. Guest Session on Career in Sports
  4. Workshop on Corporate Culture and Ethics
  5. Workshop on Orientation to Campus Placement Drives
  6. Webinar on Career Building
  7. Certificate Course in Audit

2020-21 Activities

Corporate Readiness Workshop

Guest Session on Career in Sports

Workshop on Corporate Culture and Ethics

Workshop on Orientation to Campus Placement Drives

Webinar on Career Building

Certificate Course in Audit

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