Those students who have not received an email regarding MS Teams Credential for online classes and those who joined the incorrect teams mistakenly should submit the details in the link of the google form given below.

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The on-line classes for F.Y.B.Com. Interdisciplinary programme will commence on 20th September, 2021.
The Principal’s Address for all the students of F.Y.B.Com. Interdisciplinary programme will be conducted on-line at 12.00 noon on 18th September 2021.

Compulsory Physical Education Exam - Semester I

Sr. No Class Division Date Time Classroom Code
1 F.Y. B. Com B 22nd October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm xsic5cm
2 F.Y. B. Com C 23rd October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm khd5670
3 F.Y. B. Com A 26th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm cbj2syz
4 F.Y. B. Com E 27th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm h3dku00
5 F.Y. B. A G 28th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm gjdaocc
6 F.Y. B. Com D 29th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm kd69stg
7 F.Y. B. Com F 30th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm 53z0vko

M. A. (English) SEM 1

Sr. No Subject Faculty Name Team Code
1 English Literature 1550-1660 Dr. Subarna Bhattacharya cd0y5nw
2 English Literature1660-1798 Dr. Shweta Kapoor, Ms Shivani Mutneja p8lnke7
3 English Literature in English Dr. Hilda David obphc4t
4 English Literature in English Dr. Raj Rao aee8dqn
5 Introduction to Linguistics & Stylistics Dr. Anil Adagale 5xruztr

M. A. (Economics)

Sr. No Subject Faculty Name Team Code
1 Micro Economics: Theory and Applications Dr. Sheena Mathews and Ms. Nalini Sapkal 7zdvm4l (Sheena)
2 Macro-Economic Analysis-I Dr. Sunayini Parchure and Dr. Jini Jacob r00zdc5
3 India and Transitions in Global Economy Dr. Neelofar Raina & Ms. Diya Devare m7cou49
4 Mathematical Methods for Economics Ms. Diya Devare zp670b7

M Com Part 1 Teams Code.

Sr. No Subject Faculty Name Team Code
1 Business Networking and Negotiations Mrs. Tripti Sharma fe7bmdb
2 Inovation and Disruption Management Mrs. Sarika Wagh 846onc4
3 Building Global Brands in Digital Age Dr. Zakira Shaikh vmohxyd
4 Introduction to Big Data Ms. Aishwarya Kalayanshetti opwf5o1
5 Rethinking Business:Today and Tomorrow Mrs. Sarika Wagh fsnh63q
6 New Paradigms in Marketing Dr. Zakira Shaikh aaaz9uc
7 Operations and Supply Chain Management Mrs. Alka Arora ag6uirx


Sr. No M. A. Psychology - I, Sem - I Subject Team Code
1 Dr. Alpana Vaidya Research Methodology v3evhvn
2 Prof. Shalaka Kelkar Practicals 5g8j1f9
3 Prof. Sayantani Modak Practicals 5g8j1f9
4 Mrs. Vyjanthi Trimal Applied Cognitive Psychology, RM 325w9ie
5 Mrs. Najma Godhrawala Applied Social Psychology b28iw2l
6 Dr. Alka Wadkar Applied Cognitive Psychology


1. TY_BA Subject MS Teams Codes

2. TY_BCOM Subject MS Teams Codes

3. Life Skills -Honours(2021-2022)-MS Teams Codes

4. S.Y. B.Com Interdisciplinary (A.Y.2021-22) MS Team Codes

5. SY_BA Subject MS Teams Codes

6. SY_BCOM Subject MS Teams Codes

7. MS Team Codes for Students-S.Y.B.A.B.Com(Degree with Honours)-2021-2022

8. Updated MS Team Codes for Students-T.Y.B.A.B.Com(Degree with Honours)-2021-2022