Symbiosis Centre For Liberal Arts: Think, Evolve and Express

Symbiosis Centre for Liberal Arts was established in July 2006 as an initiative of the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce. A Liberal Arts education involves a focus study in the Liberal Arts disciplines (Humanities, Social Sciences, Language and Literature and Performing Arts). With the aim of developing the ability to question and think critically.The entire Liberal Arts program rests on the foundation of healthy debate and hampered discussion and free enquiry. Teaching students what to think is comparatively easy. Helping them to learn how to think is quite another matter. It is an opportunity to learn and reflect in an environment free from most of the limitations of rigid academic structures.

Our faculty plays a pivotal role in devising courses and have it updated annually. Creating intellectually stimulating and challenging courses provides students with that extra edge they will bank on their future. We have experienced and competent faculty. Their varied educational corporate and social expertise gives students an informed and deeper perspective on life. They are “committed to learning with the students”.