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Fees Structure A Y-2021-2022

B.com with specialization in Management Accounting

(An integrated program with CIMA, UK)

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a professional body of management accountants. It has a global network of over 65,000 current and next generation finance professionals. It has presence is 179 countries.

CIMA offers a Chartered Global Management Accountant - Finance leadership Program (CGMA-FLP). It is a new self-directed, digital option for students to complete the CIMA qualification and earn the CGMA designation which is recognised globally.

The CGMA FLP is designed to give you the skills, practical experience and forward-thinking, as well as the entrepreneurial mindset business needs of the financial professionals.

Integration of CGMA with BCOM

Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce is now offering this program to its students from the academic year 2021-22 for the second-year commerce students.

The college has integrated the CGMA program with regular B. Com program, as B. Com specialisation in Management Accounting. The specialisation is an additional specialisation offered by the college.

This specialisation will not be offered to the students of integrated ACCA program and B. Com with inter disciplinary program.

Meaning of Integration of CIMA with B. Com:

CGMA – Financial Leadership Program (FLP)consists of 9 papers. All these 9 papers have been included in the B. Com syllabus over the 2 years as specialisation subjects and they will have to be pursued in the given order. Some of the papers are split in two parts for the benefit of understanding and mastering the subject.

The FLP route involves three stages:

  1. Operational level
  2. Management level
  3. Strategic level

Each level will have 3 subject each, which will be taught to the students as a part of the B. Com syllabus. The college will assess the student for each subject for the B. Com degree as per the examination pattern of the college, and these subjects will also culminate with a case study exam by the CIMA.

Features of the integrated program:

  • This program is of 132 credits and will not need further value-added credit.
  • B. Com specialisation with Management Accounting will have total 3 special subjects per semester.
  • Students will be trained by the professional faculty.
  • Once this specialisation is selected, there is no exit route. The student will have to continue with the same specialisation.
  • The student is expected to give the CIMA exam during the last two years of graduation.
  • The student will also be given training in EXCEL.
  • The students will be studying the same syllabus for B. Com exam and also for the CIMA exam.
  • Discounted fee structure –The fees include
    1. the registration with CIMA,
    2. access to the learning platform along with the study material,
    3. tuition fees and
    4. the exam fees for all three levels, assuming that the exams are given within the prescribed time frame. The fees do not include the exam fees for re-attempts.
    5. Excel training

Subjects in Second Year B. Com for the integrated CIMA Programme (B. Com with SPECIALISATION IN MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING) will be as follows:

Semester- 3 Semester- 4
1. Macroeconomic Analysis -I 1. Macroeconomic Analysis – II
2. Fundamentals of Management 2. Professional Communication
3. Strategic Management 3. Total Quality Management
4. Managing Finance in a Digital World (E1) 4. Managing Performance (E2)
5. Management Accounting (P1) 5. Advanced Management Accounting (P2)
6. Financial Reporting (F1) 6. Advanced Financial Reporting(F3)

Subjects in Third Year B. Com for the integrated CIMA Programme (B. Com with SPECIALISATION IN MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING) will be as follows:

Semester- 5 Semester- 6
1.International Economics and Trade Relations 1.Indian Economy – Issues,Prospects and Policy Environment
2.Income Tax – Paper 1 2.Indirect Taxes – Paper 2
3.Foundation of Mercantile Law -I 3.Allied Concepts in Mercantile Law -II
4.Strategic Management -1(E3) 4.Strategic Management -2(E3)
5.Risk Management -1(P3) 5.Risk Management -2(P3)
6.Financial Strategy -1 (F3) 6.Financial Strategy -2 (F3)