E-Learning Module

Cost Accounting

Semester – III Semester-IV
Basics of Cost Accounting-Spl-I Basics of Cost Accounting Labor & Overheads Spl-III
Basics of Cost Accounting-Material-Spl-II Methods of Costing-Spl-IV

Banking and Financial Systems

Semester – III Semester-IV
Financial System & Indian Banking Structure (Paper-I) Indian Banking System and Central Banking (Paper-III)
Financial Institutions in India (Paper-II) Financial Markets (Paper-IV)

SY.BCom October 2019

SY.BCom April 2020


Semester – III Semester-IV
Growth of Entrepreneurship Success Stories in Entrepreneurship
Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Environment for Entrepreneurship

Marketing Management

Semester – III Semester-IV
Fundamentals of Marketing Brand Management
Customer Value Management Marketing and Social Responsibility