Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship endeavours to foster entrepreneurial eco-system in the college and nurture intrapreneurial mindset amongst students. Through innumerable initiatives, the centre creates a vibrant platform for experiential learning. It guides students to identify business opportunities and encourages students to build their own startups. The centre focuses on promoting business, social and art entrepreneurship. In the year 2018, the centre was privileged to be digitally inaugurated by the hands of Hon Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. Centre has been the beneficiary of RUSA grant received by the college for entrepreneurship development.

Some of the flagship programs of the Centre are Symbiz-Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Manthan-National Level Social Business Plan Competition, Vyapaar Vichaar- Commecial Business Plan competition, Project Campus Entrepreneur, Indradhanu-Art and Craft Festival to promote Art Entrepreneurship, Flea Market participation, Research Journal and Symbipreneurs publications.


Our college has constituted an Institution Innovation Council as per the guidelines of Ministry of Education’s Innovation council with an aim to create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem. Start-up supporting Mechanism in HEIs. Prepare institute for Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements Framework. Establish Function Ecosystem for Scouting Ideas and Pre-incubation of Ideas. Develop better Cognitive Ability for Technology Students. Institution Innovation Council in our college works in tandem with the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Functions of IICs

To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by Central MIC in time bound fashion.Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.

Organize periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.

Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations.

Create an Institution’s Innovation portal to highlight innovative projects carried out by institution’s faculty and students.

Organize Hackathons, idea competition, mini-challenges etc. with the involvement of industries

Workshop on Branding


Date:Friday, 26th February, 2021

Time:3:00-4:30 PM

No. of Attendees:150+

Platform:Microsoft Teams

Objectives –

1. To help the attendees build a creative idea with respect to branding.

2. To develop a strong critical thinking mindset and a better understanding of the dynamics behind effective brand building.

‘Workshop on Branding’ was organised by The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce under the flagship event SYMBIZ 2.0 ‘The Entrepreneurship Summit’, funded by RUSA 2.0.The workshop was held on 26th of February 2021 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM and the speaker for the evening was Mrs. Sonali Karande Brahma, who is a Brand Creation and Content Consultant as well as a Digital and Traditional Asia’s Top 50 Content Marketing Professional.

The main essence of the workshop revolved around Insight, Branding, Creativity and Brand Campaigns. Mrs. Sonali instituted the workshop with few great case studies like Nike, Proctor and Gamble, explaining how these organisations encourage and help the consumers to get into athletics and fitness through their own brands and how their campaigns are fully focussed only towards a set audience but also encourages women to join in the fitness journey where as they include mothers. Further to generate more enthusiasm and interactions during the workshop the speaker also gave a few assignments to the attendees which helped them to get a better view, learn and understand branding in a much deeper and clearer sense.

Learning Takeaways :
  • 1. A better know how about branding and marketing works at the macro level by correlating with case studies of well-known global brands.
  • 2. Interactive ideation activity helped the attendees to get first hand inputs about brand building.


Dr. Hrishikesh Soman, Principal


Dr. Sharayu Bhakare, Associate Professor and Head, CIE

Student Coordinators:

Nikita Singha

Varun Deshpande

Nidhi Singh

Harshita Sachan



Date: 3rd December, 2020

No. of Attendees:250+


Objectives –

1. To create awareness amongst our students about the problems occurring due to wastage of resources.

2. To help students understand the path towards sustainable lifestyle.

The Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce under the Centre of Innovation and

Entrepreneurship and Department of Business Administration organised a seminar on "Path towards Sustainable Lifestyle" on 3rd December, 2020.

"Whenever there is a problem, there is a solution."

As a person working towards sustainability and a firm believer of good, Dr. Swati Dixit shared many simple remedies which could cut down household chemical usage, like her vinegar, salt, baking soda home cleaning spray. Not only that, she also shared how to make vinegar at home. She also shared how to make things like bio enzymes, shampoo, face powder, toothpaste, shaving gel, soap and body wash at home.

Her ways of sustainable living were not only innovative but also extremely important in a time where chemical pollution is a common problem and is a leading cause of many diseases. Lastly, she advised the audience to start thinking innovatively. "Life is an experiment and we should never stop trying out new things." Dr. Swati Dixit quotes.

  • Learning Takeaways -
  • 1. The attendees got to learn how to use the sustainable approach in their day to day lives.
  • 2. They were also sensitized about the repercussions of wastage of natural resources and thereby encouraged to opt for alternative means.



Date:12th & 18 February 2021

No. of Attendees: 250+ Streaming

Platform:Microsoft Teams

Objectives –

1. To help the attendees to develop entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial acumen for developing ideas and starting their own businesses.

2. To provide a platform to help understand the ground realities of starting a business, comprehend entrepreneurship from different perspectives from some of the industry leaders.

The 2 DAYS WORKSHOP ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR PG STUDENTS was organized by the SCAC Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on 12th & 18th February 2021.

Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune had organised a prolific “Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development” embedded with the best of minds in terms of innovation. It was nested by the apex of the institute Dr Hrishikesh Soman and headed and coordinated by a handful of unwavering faculties. The ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ cell of the esteemed college which is headed by Dr. Sharayu Bhakre was the primary linkage to have onboard with them the best resource persons to provide the participants with rich endeavour at the day(s) end. Each day had three sessions each by the concerned research persons. Dr. Nilesh Waghmare, assistant professor of the college, was the leading coordinator for making this workshop a success. Dr. Santosh Marwadikumbhar, an assistant professor and PG Co-ordinator of the college, has also been an immense support to the entire structure of the workshop. The day -1 session which was on 12th February, was kick-started by Mr Rohit Lalwani, who himself is a keen academician and an enthusiast for his work on the topic “Entrepreneurship eco-system and Identifying opportunities”. He is a person who knows how to take pride in his failure and then convert it into something extraordinary.

His session was rich in the dynamics of what an entrepreneur should think while taking an endeavour. He encouraged the to-be entrepreneurs that it takes a lot of courage to be a risk-taker to be one’s own boss. He laid us the way to not stop and keep trying till we succeed. Following his session, we had Mr. Sajid Khetani enlighten on “Design thinking for Idea Generation”. He has been an innovation and

strategy consultant, a leader in consumer behaviour enabling actionable insights by decoding human behaviour and combining them with the emerging trends for the creation of inspiring solutions and products. He had us through a grilling session on giving weightage on “thinking is the plan before you execute”. He inspired us to be innovative by the idea firstly and then in the process later. For the last session of the first day, we had Mrs. Neeta Deshpande for the topic “Entrepreneurship success story”. For her, the journey is not a story to tell but an experience to witness. She was of the idea of taking one step forward the sheer craft of the Indian fabrics at a global platform. From starting off with few thousands of borrowed capital, she managed to sail it through all these long years. She is a pioneer of patience to be able to see her dream turn to reality piece by piece. The day end saw an amazing interactive session amongst the participants and the resource persons, thus, enabling them to cater to all sort of budding queries regarding the idea of entrepreneurship.

The second day was marked on the 18th of February, following the cycle of three sessions, we had Mr. Advait Kurlekar, Mrs. Suchitra Pendse and Mr. Rohit Lalwani on board. The first session was by Mr. Advait Kurlekar on the topic” Business plan, Preparation and Picking” where he entailed the participants about the importance and implication of the choices they make as an entrepreneur. He being a Wharton Business School alumnus, he has an enriching experience of over 27 years in management consulting and coaching. He has been an active part of leading global organizations like PwC, Tata Motors, AF Ferguson etc. He led a session full of why planning and preparing including all possible aspects to cover loopholes in the idea for an entrepreneur is important and crucial. Following him, we had Mrs. Suchitra Pendse to speak on the topic “Registering a Start-up- Financial and Legal aspects”. She provided us with the process to register as an entrepreneur. She highlighted very unaware schemes by the government and useful grants and deductions and rebates that one can avail, provided, meeting the specified criteria. For the last session of the workshop, we had our very deary Mr. Rohit Lalwani to speak for “Business Modelling”. He made us aware of various business modelling line-ups and procedures to duly consider before jumping to the conclusion of success or failure.

The immense efforts put all together, of the faculties, the resource persons and the student co-ordinators, made these two-day workshop initiatives be impactful for a handful of people who have enrolled for it with the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune. The core idea of the workshop was to promote and encourage the zeal of the enthusiasts who believe that success is a story to narrate and failure is not fatal.

  • Learning Takeaways:
  • 1. The workshop imbibed an entrepreneurial spirit among the attendees by covering first hand narratives of the guest speakers.
  • 2. It helped the attendees to recognise the new opportunities in the market pertaining to products and services, and also inculcate creativity by thinking on various problem solving ideas.

National Webinar on Innovations & Intellectual Property Rights
Funded by RUSA 2.0

In Association with,

Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management,Government of India


Date: Wednesday, 10th February 2021

No. of Attendees:350+ Streaming


Objectives –

1. To inculcate an awareness about Intellectual Property rights which have gained paramount importance in the digital era.

2. To equip students with relevant information about how IPR is revolutionizing the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The National Webinar on Innovations and Intellectual Property Rights was organized by the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce - Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on 10th February 2021.

Dr.Sharayu Bhakare, the convener of the seminar, welcomed the gathering and inaugurated the event. The event commenced with a very informative session by Dr. Amit Kumar Tiwari, Professor and Head – Intellectual Property at Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI), Symbiosis International (Deemed University). Sir gave us a brief idea on "IPR Scenario in India". It revolved around how IPR is useful and what exactly IPR stands for. Sir also gave us a brief insight into the importance of Intellectual Property in the modern business world. The session was further explained by showcasing eclectic types of Intellectual Property Assets. It was followed by a session on "IP Management and Technology Transfer '' by Dr. Bijay Kumar Sahu, Head Intellectual Property Facilitation Cell, National Research Development Corporation, Government of India. Sir briefed the attendees about the current scenario of IPR in the country. He also discussed what was wrong in the earlier stages, what could have been better and what is lagging behind these days. A very interesting Question and Answer session wrapped up the session, where sir touched upon a diverse set of topics, including how would India climb up in the Global Innovation Index Rankings, some insights about grassroots as well as social innovations, etc.

Mrs. Pooja Maulikar, Examiner of Patents & Design Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management, The Government of India, conducted the third session on “Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Process”, whereby she explainedthe exact steps about how to file a patent. The attendees got to learn a detailed procedure and all the requisites that are involved in the process of Patent Filing. Ma’am also spoke about various elements and their interrelation between IPR.

In the second half of the event, we witnessed a few innovative and constructive ideas of Mr. Amol Chaphekar, Managing Director at Ovo Inc. & StrataEnviro Pvt.Ltd., who has been a serial entrepreneur. Having innovated many products and being named in the “Top 10 Innovators of India, 2012”, sir talked about many of his innovations like the multi fragrant incense sticks and the air purifier. Sir also talked about how innovative ideas are converted into materialised products or services. He also shared about how IPR helps in protecting their Patent. The event concluded with Mr. Gokul Narayan’s wonderful talk about how trademarks work. He explained how a trademark is useful when it comes to marketing or branding of a product. Sir also discussed the same using different practical case studies which involved the current disputes of Lifebuoy and Dettol. He also disclosed few trade secrets and strategies that companies use for their benefits. and that marked the end of the very insightful webinar, along with the vote of thanks by Dr. Nilesh Waghmare.

Learning Takeaways –

1. Intellectual Property Rights is an ever evolving field of the law and is every changing with the developments in the technological world. It is advisable for people to be aware of their rights and use it as and when required.

2.Intellectual Property Rights - Copyrights and patents are very essential parts of the changing business landscape and it is imperative for individuals and businesses to have a clear understanding about the same.


Theme: Seeding Entrepreneurial Success


Date: 25th to 27th February 2021

No. of Attendees:800+

Platform:Youtube & Microsoft Teams

Objectives –

1. To explore facets of entrepreneurship in relation to various dimensions of business which will help to mobilize resources for budding entrepreneurs

2. To bring together various stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem which will facilitate the sharing of ideas among the attendees.

The second edition of SymBiZ was held on 25th, 26th and 27th February 2021 with the theme of ‘Seeding the Entrepreneurial Success’ amongst the students and the corporate attendees, the responsibility of which was held by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune.

The objective of the two-day summit was to bring together another session of budding entrepreneurs and their ideas. With the motive of enriching various points of knowledge regarding social and economic entrepreneurship and start-ups, SymBiz Global entrepreneurship summit was organized in the year 2020. After the stupendous success of SymBiZ 1.0, the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship organized SymBiZ 2.0 from the 25th to 27th of February 2021.

SymBiZ hosted around 12 distinguished speakers’.

  • Chief Guest - Ashutosh Kumar (CEO at Jagriti Yatra | Asia Foundation Development Fellow | Mumbai)

  • Neeraj Shah (Owner-Silver Bright | Serial Entrepreneur | Mentor @ IIT Bombay (SINE) | Pune)

  • Reema Sathe (Founder - Happy Roots | Presidential Award Winner |Business Today Most Powerful Women in Impact Business'17 | Mumbai)

  • Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala | TEDx Speaker | Josh Talks Speaker |Gujarat)

  • Prashant Gade (Creator of Inali Prosthetic Arm for Amputees | Madhya Pradesh)

  • Sonali Karande Brahma (Brand, Creative and Content Consultant - Digital & Traditional | Asia's Top 50 Content Mktg. Professionals | Pune)

  • Hemant Julka (Co-founder - VeggiTech & LiveYourDreamz | Dubai)

  • Anirudh Agarwal (Founder at Anrich3D |Singapore)

  • Zitin Munshi (Founder of Next Mile Co. (Sustainable Businesses – SDG) | Nagaland)

  • Jitendra Choudhary (Creator of Shuddham (Low-Cost Water Filter) | Madhya Pradesh)

  • Indraneel Chitale (Partner at Chitale Group | Co-Founder at Herbea | Pune)

On 25th February, Young Pioneer - National Business Plan Competition was hosted by student Devanshi Sharma in the presence of our esteemed Judges, Kumar Anshu and Dr. Anita Kshetri. It was held with its motive to identify the best idea and the viability of a business plan, along with networking, assistance and feedback mechanisms to improve their current business plan with constant encouragement to persevere. It was aimed at stimulating creativity and preparing the participants for real - world entrepreneurship.

On the same day, another competition named Quizophile was organised, consisting of a National business quiz and a case study competition. While Anushka hosted the event, Anand took care of the technical side of hosting the competition. Quizophile was a business quiz and entrepreneurship case study competition, that was crafted in a very balanced manner to bring out the best of talents and enrich the young minds with varied knowledge from the business sector.

26th February 2021, On day one, Shreya Khuntia, the host, inaugurated the event by welcoming the Chief Guest, Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, Principal Dr. Hrishikesh Soman, Vice Principal, Dr. Tessy Thadathil, and Summit Convener Dr. Sharayu Bhakare, teachers, corporates and attendees. The inaugural ceremony consisted of our guest speaker – Ashutosh Kumar, CEO at Jagriti Yatra. Followed by the inauguration was the Panel Discussion, hosted by Mallar Chakraborty, who welcomed all the participants and introduced our two esteemed panellists Mr Neeraj Shah, the Owner and Director of Silver Bright, TEDx Speaker, and a charismatic Business Mentor. Further, he introduced the second panellist Miss Reema Sathe, the founder and director of Happy Roots and a social entrepreneur.

The Speaker for the first segment of the afternoon’s session was none other than Mr. Prafull Billore, the founder of India’s most famous MBA Chaiwala hosted by Shahab Parker, representing the Curation team of SymBiZ 2.0, along with Mrs Sharayu Bhakhare. The session witnessed around 135 viewers coupled with an enthusiastic engagement amongst the audience in YouTube’s comments section.

The second segment of the Keynote session titled Innovator’s Den was joined by speaker Mr.Prashant Gade, the founder, creator and director at Inali Prosthetic arm for Amputees, and hosted by Mallar Chakravarty along with Mrs. Sharayu Bhakhare, professor in-charge and head of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The session witnessed around 77 viewers coupled with an enthusiastic engagement amongst the audience in YouTube’s comments section.

This Parallel session named “The Aha Moment!” was with Mrs. Sonali Karande Brahma, independent Brand creative and content consultant, Digital and Traditional. She is also one of Asia’s Top 50 content Marketing Professionals. The session was hosted by the Vice President of SymBIZ 2 Nikita Singha.

As an entertainment conjoined with learning, a movie session was held, the movie ‘The Founder’ was screened via Microsoft Teams in order to bring a perfect ending to day 2 of the summit.

27th February 2021, On the second day, the speakers for the morning’s session were Mr. Hemant Jhulka, co-founder and director of Veggietech and Mr. Anirudh Agrawal- taken up by our moderator Ms. Anya Jamwal. The commencement of the session was welcomed by Nikita Singha, the student vice-president of SymBiZ 2 and her co-host Varun Deshpande, along with Ms Tessy Thadathil, vice-principal at Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce. The session witnessed around 222 viewers coupled with an enthusiastic engagement amongst the audience in YouTube’s comments section.

The event started with Shahab Parkar, beginning the next session of 27th February 2021, The CEO’s Chair with Siddharth Vaze in conversation with Zitin Munshi. The CEO’s chair is based on the premise that every CEO/Founder has a unique story to share. The CEO’s chair is the official communication partner of SYMBIZ. The host for the talk show was Mr. Siddharth Vaze, an alumnus of Symbiosis International University, IHM Bangalore and Johnson and Wales University. He is a global keynote speaker, columnist and host of the talk show The CEO’s Chair.

The afternoon session was commenced by our host Mr Varun Deshpande with the Speaker – Jitendra Choudhary, Creator of Shuddham, Karan Veer Chakra Awardee. Mr Chaudhary discussed various aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation. He displayed an insightful presentation on How a person can start his journey in entrepreneurship.

The Valedictory speech under SymBiZ 2.0, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit funded by RUSA 2.0, was held on Day 2 Saturday, the 27th of February 2021 between 3:00pm to 4.00pm IST. The speakers for the afternoon’s session was none other than Mr Indraneel Chitale, a 4th Generation Partner at the Chitale Group and the Sweets and Snacks arm of the business, hosted by Nikita Singha, the student Vice- president of SymBiZ 2 along with Mrs Sarika Wagh, faculty committee at Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce.

The Musical Event was the last event under SymBiZ 2.0. It took place on Microsoft Team on 27th February 2021 at 16:00- 17:00 PM IST, in the presence of Sharayu Bhakare Ma’am. The number of participants varied between 50-60 throughout the event. The star performers of the evening were Megha Chakraborty, Mallar Chakraborty, Yash Sharma, Samrit Das and Trisha.

Learning Takeaways-

1. The webinar helped to understand the ongoing developments in the area of entrepreneurship and to actually understand the intricacies in the field from the success stories of our esteemed guest speakers.

2. The webinar touched upon how to approach situations with a holistic view and to find solutions in an entrepreneurial way


Dr. Hrishikesh Soman, Principal


Dr. Sharayu Bhakare, Associate Professor and Head, CIE

Student Coordinators:

Shubham Gavhane ( Events Head)

Shreya Khuntia (President) Nikita

Singha ( Vice President)

Varun Deshpande ( Vice-President)


Date: 4th to 5th March 2021

No. of Attendees:250+

Platform:Microsoft Teams

Objectives –

1. To provide exposure to the students who aspire to belong to art industry.

2. To bring all the passionate and talented artists under one roof in order to provide them hands-on experience.

Indradhanu aims at promoting Art and Entrepreneurship funded by RUSA was organized virtually by Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce (SCAC), under the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) on 4th and 5th Marc, 2021.

SUMMARY of Day 1- Pre - Indradhanu Workshop by Unnikrishnan Nair:

Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair has completed his bachelor’s degree in mass media and communication from Symbiosis Institute of Mass media and Communication. He is the CEO of Begaana pictures, an operating media firm providing traditional and non-traditional media solutions to the top brands and cultivating independent audio-visual with top brands. He also works as a freelancer in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi as a graphic designer Brand Building Advisor and Publicity. 

Our guest Unnikrishnan Nair Sir took over the session very beautifully by presenting his ideas on how one can convert art into business ideas. He compared business to a kid because an entrepreneur should take care of his enterprise like a kid. One must write down his thoughts in a book, even if the thoughts are good or bad just write down and analyze them. Uniqueness and fearless quality is essential for an entrepreneur. Feedback plays an essential role in building up a business and asking customers about their problem and finding solutions to them.

Open Mic: Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.

The event Open Mic provided a platform for the students of Symbiosis College of arts and commerce (SCAC) to showcase their talent in music or poetry. The event commenced with a brief introduction of CIE and how Indradhanu, a flagship event promotes Art and Entrepreneurship. Further our guests were introduced, our guests were: 

  • 1) Mr Aditya Narayan: He is currently pursuing Masters in comparative literature at the University of Edinburgh. He loves delving into conversations about almost anything under the sun. He prefers books and quiet evenings over the chaos of the world. He is passionate about literature and hopes one day he could teach and pass on this legacy of love to more. 

  • 2) Mr Saad Ahmed: Is a visiting faculty for English in Modern College, Shivajinagar. He is the co-founder of Baithak and beyond, a Pune-based poetry community. He has organised and hosted over 50 poetry sessions for Baithak over the last few years. He has performed at various poetry events and appeared as a judge for several poetry competitions across the city.

  • The event included live artists for the evening.  It was very mesmerizing to watch such young talented people among us. Every one of them presented themselves very beautifully. Some came up with beautiful songs or either poetry. We also encouraged our audience to come forward and showcase their talent, we had a great response from the audience as well.

  • The only motive to conduct/organize this event was to encourage the students to merge their talent into business ideas. Further, the session concluded by announcing the winners and a vote of thanks. 

    • Winners for open mic :
    • 1. Megha Chakraborty
    • 2. Trisha Dhingra
    • 3. Mohak Tiwari
Exhibition and competition :

Our second day was all about young artists.Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination . We created a platform for all to showcase their art in different forms. We had over 45 participants for the event. 

The event commenced with a brief introduction of CIE and the guidelines for the event. Our guests for the event were –

  • 1) Mrs Madhuri Purohit: She has been a microbiologist and pathologist for several years, running her lab. Presently she is an artist by profession working mainly as portraits and still — Life painters she’s an art teacher and an English grammar Trainer for corporates. She is a professional anchor and avid music lover, she also plays the harmonium.

  • 2) Mr Anil Purohit: He is an interior and landscape designer and has several hotels, offices, homes and gardens to his credit. He is a professional artist painting landscapes, still- life etc in all mediums. Furthermore, he is also an art teacher for college students. Likewise, he is an avid guitarist and is the founder- member and team leader of his rock band Strangers. Not only that, but he has been working as a wildlife volunteer for several years.

  • Further, Dr Sharayu Bhakare addressed the audience and judges on how Indradhanu has been held for the past 4 to 5 years now and how one can encourage students to merge corporate careers into art. The event included live art, sketching, paintings, jewellery design, doodling, Mehdi, digital art and much more. The event proceeded in a very smooth manner, it was astonishing to see such good art pieces from such young beautiful artists amongst us. The session was concluded by announcing the winners for the evening and a vote of thanks.

    • Winners for Exhibition in competition:
    • 1. Runali Patil
    • 2. Aabha Miniyar
    • 3. Divya Natranjan

Learning Takeaways –

  • The students were able to channelize their passion into a probable profession or career opportunity.
  • The students were able to explore different facets of entrepreneurship specifically with respect to the art domain.