Master of Commerce (M. Com)

  • Master of Commerce with specialization in Business and Technology Management.
  • Master of Commerce with specialization in Finance.

Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce started its Master of Commerce program from the academic year 1989-90.

As the college is committed to become a Centre of Excellence offering courses in conventional and in emerging fields incorporating technology, finance and research approach, we are offering Master's Program in Business and Technology Management from 2020-21 and Master's in Finance from the academic year 2023-24. The program is designed keeping in mind the UGC directives, NEP 2020, industry needs and student’s requirements.

Businesses have undergone tremendous change globally. A locally developed solution today, has the potential of impacting global businesses. The businesses no more exist in silos but their impact is felt by people, planet and physical environment. Therefore, it is not enough to be innovative but it is equally essential to be sustainable. Sustainable innovative business solutions have become the need of the hour. We therefore, intend to make the students not only industry ready but planet ready and are dedicated to offer these courses enabling students to leverage their knowledge for resolving issues and challenges across the world. The entire program focuses to cater skill based outcomes, incorporating knowledge of business, technology and finance and developing core competencies through discipline specific core and electives. The second year of the master’s program is majorly dedicated to research.


  • Contemporary courses such as Introduction to Cloud and Big Data, Fintech, Stock Markets Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Micro Finance and Luxury, Fashion and Lifestyle.

  • 26 Students of got placed in the academic year 2023-24.

  • Highest CTC Rs. 8,05,000/-

  • Companies that visited the campus BNY Mellon, Deloitte USI, Alliance Bernstein, EY GDS, and NSEG

  • 13 students of batch 21-23 got placed with BNY Mellon with package of Rs.8.5 lacs

  • 6 students of batch 21-23 got placed with Deloitte, USA

  • 8 Students were offered internship and who successfully completed internship in the academic year 22-23 with Fintech firm ‘Sarvatra Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune, with whom Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce has signed a MoU.

Program Outcome

PO 1 Domain Knowledge: Students will gain expertise to apply discipline specific knowledge to regional, national and global scenarios.

PO 2 Problem Solving: Students will be able to deduce a problem, derive inferences, test feasibility and devise solutions.

PO 3 Critical Thinking: Students will acquire the ability to critically analyse emerging trends and technology disrupting business and society, and be able to speculate its implications on various stakeholders.

PO 4 Receptive to New ideas: Students will become adept at lateral thinking, become receptive to new and alternative ideas, think strategically when encountering challenges and be able to perceive an issue/challenge holistically.

PO 5 Digital literacy: Students will be able to leverage business data and technology to business and social challenges.

PO 6 Environment & Sustainability: Students will appraise the idea of sustainability, develop positive attitude towards developmental challenges and facilitate solutions

PO 7 Research Related Skills: Students will be able to undertake independent research

PO 8 Team work and Leadership Readiness: Students will internalize the concept of diversity, collaborate and learn to lead with diverse groups and at diverse workplaces.

PO 9 Self-Directed and Lifelong learning: Students will become adept at self-learning tools and incorporate lifelong learning

PO 10 Moral and Ethical Awareness: Students will be able to manage self in the larger professional, personal and social life through development of strong moral and ethical behavior.

PO 11 Interdisciplinary Perspective: Students will be able to develop interdisciplinary perspective.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Proficiency in Adopting a Holistic Perspective on Development and Crafting Solutions that Foster Synergy among Environmental Sustainability, Social Well-being, and Economic Profitability.
  • Exhibit Advanced Leadership Competence and Collaborative Teamwork Skills Essential for Effective Business Decision-Making.
  • Utilize data to make informed decisions and employ problem-solving methods relevant to management trends and issues.
  • Undertake independent research.
  • Students will become adept at self- learning tools and incorporate lifelong learning.


Students who have completed their graduation from recognized university shall be admitted to M.Com. Programme.

Intake Capacity:

  • The number of available seats are 120 (Excluding NRI & Foreign quota).
  • Admission will be given on the basis of merit. Merit lists will be prepared in accordance with the provisions of Admission Policy of the college.

Programme Structure :

M.Com Structure June 2023


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4







Core /Compulsory

Business Networking & Negotiations


Investment and Portfolio Management

Business Leadership and Change Management


Research Methodology




Research Project


Research Project (6 credits)




Subject Specific Core



Strategic Financial Management


Stock Markets:  Fundamental & Technical Analysis


 Fixed Income securities


Individual & Corporate Tax planning


Corporate Finance


Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate


Derivatives, Commodities ,Futures & Options


International Finance




 Governance and Legal Framework for Finance


Behavioural Finance


Investments and Beyond


Financial Frauds (2 credits)

Micro Finance & Entrepreneurship

Risk Management

Fixed Income Securities

Financial Modelling

(2 credits)

Total credits






Business and Technology Management








Subject Specific Core



Digital Transformation and Business Strategy

Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management 

Strategic Decision Making

Rethinking Business Today & Tomorrow


Introduction to Cloud  & Big Data


Building Global Brands in Digital Age


Design Thinking


Luxury, Fashion and Lifestyle





Innovation & Disruption Management


Digital Governance



Leveraging Social Media for Business (2 credits )



Enterprise Building


Workforce planning and talent management


Entrepreneurship in emerging markets


Navigating Corporate Crisis in Tech Landscape

(2 credits)


Total credits





Credits, Examination and Evaluation Scheme:

  • The total credits of the Programme is 80.
  • Each course will carry 4 credits. Except for the Research report (Master thesis) semester 4 will be of 6 credits & electives in semester four carry 2 credits each.
  • Each course will be of 100 marks.
  • There will be 50-50 pattern of evaluation.