Ms. Akshada Shinde

Psychological Counselor


Akshada is a Psychologist with experience in clinical, counselling, helpline and corporate settings. She has completed her Master's in Clinical Psychology from Pune University and various trainings and certifications in Suicide Prevention, Psychotherapies, Counselling Skills, Learning and Developmental Disorders and Graphology.

Akshada views mental health as holistic well-being that everyone needs to engage in as a form of self-care. She is an advocate for the importance of psychoeducation, inclusion, compassion, vulnerability, sensitivity, care and acceptance, making it a point to incorporate trauma-informed, gender-sensitized approach and intersectionality in her counselling room as well as in life. She follows an eclectic approach to psychotherapy, while leaning towards Existentialism.

Apart from her professional profile, Akshada is an aesthete, ailurophile and ardent lover of all things art. Human empowerment is her most driving passion. She wishes to imbibe a culture of community upliftment and holistic growth where empathy and compassion are taught since childhood and are developed as mandatory life skills rather than luxurious, higher-order prowess.

To book an appointment with the Counselor, please write an email to, while including your name, class and course, college and PRN. In case of mental health emergencies, you can also reach out to her on 7262871122.

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