Backlog Physical Education Examination

Sep 15, 2020

This is to inform all students who have a backlog in Physical Education that:

Students who have a backlog in Physical Education for Semester I will have to appear for the Paraphrase Exam through Google Classroom and those who have a backlog in Semester II will have to appear for Practical Exam through Google Meet.

All students please note that only those who have filled the Backlog form in February 2020 will be allowed to appear for this examination. 

Students who have a backlog of Semester 1 should appear for the Paraphrase Backlog Examination conducted through Google Classroom as per the details given below.

Paraphrase Backlog Examination (Semester I)

All students have to note that the students have to take any topic from the reading material uploaded in the Google classroom (Google Classroom Code vo23tcd) and write a note of about 300- 500 words in their own handwriting and upload a scanned PDF copy on the Google Classroom latest by 25th September 2020.Submissions will not be accepted after 25th September 2020. Students please note that you have to write your name and exam seat number on the handwritten note. (This exam is only for the students who have backlog in Semester – I in Physical Education)  

For getting reference material, students can join Google Classroom with code vo23tcd

Instructions to be followed while writing the Paraphrase – Handwriting should be legible and in black ink to facilitate scanning.

On the top right hand side of each page the student should write:

1. Full Name

2. Seat number

3. Signature

4. Page No.


Students who have a backlog of Semester 2 should appear for the Practical Backlog examination conducted through Google Meet. Students have to display a valid identity at the time of examination.

Practical Backlog Examination (Semester II)

In the Practical Backlog examination 3 Physical Fitness components will be measured through various tests such as:

  1. Wall Squat - Place your back against the wall and have your feet about 6-9 inches away from the wall. Slide down the wall into a squat position so your knees are at about a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for the designated period of time.

  2. Floor Touch Test - The student has to stand erect, bare-footed, hands at sides and feet together. The student then has to lean down slowly to touch the floor with their finger-tips for 10 seconds. Bouncing and jerking is not allowed. The student has to make sure that the knees are not bent while doing this. Knees have to be straight.

  3. Bent Knee Sit ups - The student has to lie on the back with knees bent, feet on the floor with heels not more than 12 inches from the buttocks. The angle of the knees should not be less than 90degree. The student has to put his or her hand on the back of the neck with finger clasped and to place the elbows squarely on the mat or turf or floor. The student’s feet are to be held by a companion to ascertain that the feet do not leave the surface and remain touching it. Then the student is asked to tighten the abdominal muscles and to bring the head and elbows to the knees. The entire above process constitutes one sit up. Maximum sit-ups done correctly in one minute will be counted.

The Examination will be held Online through Google Meet. Assessment will be done by Internal and External Examiner. Students have to join on the given time only.

Students have to ensure that they are properly dressed and the camera is placed in a proper position.

The schedule of the exam is uploaded and titled as “Backlog Physical Education Exam Schedule”.

The link for joining the Exam is as follows :