Student Says

We believe that our students are our biggest strength. They are proof that the Centre has been successful in its mission.
This is what some students have to say:

“To make it short and sweet, liberal arts is the answer to every problem or complaint you have against the Indian Education System! And if you have none, then it is the cure to your blindness.
Everyone wishes to have a teacher as his/her mentor throughout their life, who’ll be your friend, a guiding light and a source of inspiration and wisdom always… and at Liberal Arts, you are sure to get yours!”

Shonita Joshi

“SCLA has imparted the confidence in me to speak out my views on various subjects and interact in the class, and not just stick to the coursework and the books. Till now I have undertaken 4 courses, and my favorite has been IEC (INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC COOPERATION), as it has been one of the classes which required me to devote most of my time to it, and would keep me busy even at home and I have never felt it as an extra burden. I have always been waiting for the next class to start.”

Priya Gupta

“The most beneficial course for me was Dance Appreciation. Guru Suchitra Date who conducted this course is truly a brilliant dancer and a person who helped us discover different dance forms and their amazing history. Being a classical dancer I have always felt that we take practical education but lag behind in learning the theory. The liberal arts courses give us both which has benefited me the most. The field trip to Amul factory (Anand, Gujurat) and meeting the great personality Shri Kurian was like a dream come true. The unbelievable transformation which I see in myself is that today I walk confidently in a group of people and put forth my ideas in front of them.”

Tejdipty Pawade

“Today I don’t think we can blame the educational system anymore. It’s all changing. Come be a part of it.”

Adhishree Parasnis