Course List

Essence of SCLA Courses

The approach to teaching and learning at the Liberal Arts Centre aims to develop the students from all angles. It is a wholesome program which takes care of intellect, emotions and ethics. The thirst for knowledge and understanding of the student is enhanced in classroom sessions through various methods. A student who completes the diploma/Certificate program will find that when he/she steps out into the real world, he/she is ready to face challenges with equanimity and confidence and develops a world vision which is balanced and positive.

The learning methodology includes interactive seminars, group discussions, team learning through projects and assignments, art, music self-learning through library reference and apprenticeships/ internships, audio-visual, guest lectures and workshops.

The Centre offers a Diploma and a Certificate program. Students have a wide choice of courses to choose from. This course can be done along with graduation. To be eligible for a diploma or a certificate course, a student is require to pass minimum 12th Std. There is no age bar.

A diploma is awarded after the successful completion of six courses. Of these six courses, the student must choose at least one from each stream in order to qualify for the diploma. This is to ensure that students get a 360° holistic perspective.

Humanities And Social Sciences

HS01:    20th Century: Bloodiest Century in Human History (History)

HS02:   Advertising & Contemporary Culture (Media/Culture Studies)

HS03:   Introduction to Philosophy (All Philosophies)

HS04:   Comparative Mythology (Mythology)

HS05:   Sports Psychology

HS06:   Hypnotherapy and Other Parapsychological Therapeutic Modalities

HS07:   Cyber Law (Law)

HS08:   Making of a Global Political Economy

HS09:   International Economic Co-operation (Economics)

HS10:   Contemporary Economic Issues

HS11:   Mentioning Unmentionables (Psychology)

HS12:   The Living Past: Comprehending India (History)

HS13:   Unlock Your Mind: Intelligent Reading & Critical Thinking

HS14:   Introduction to Anthropology

HS15:   Introduction to Marxism

HS16:   Legal Awareness

HS17:   Philosophy of Entertainment

HS18:   Verily Food is Life: The Story of India through its Food

HS19:   Religio Indica: Indian Religions and Perspective

HS20:   Film Studies

HS21:   Logic

HS22:   Health and Wellness Management

HS23:   Introduction to Art History: India and the West

HS24:   Indian and Global Corporate Sector

HS25:   Unearthing Peer Therapy

HS26:   Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

HS27:   Archaeology

HS28:  Greek Philosophy

HS29:  Happiness and Freedom

HS30:  The Enlightenment

HS31:   Statistics for Management

HS32:   Introduction to Behavioural, Identity and Gender Economics

HS33:   In/Tolerance-A biological Spin on a Sociological issue

HS34:  IPR- Intellectual Property Rights

Literature And Language

LL01:    Advanced Creative Writing (Creative Writing)

LL02:    Cutting Edge Communication (Communication Studies)

LL03:    Non Verbal Communication

LL04:    Literature and Gender

LL05:    Theatre Appreciation

LL06.    Public Speaking

LL07.    Literary Lust (Literature and Censorship)

LL08.    From the Word to the World: Literature of South Asia

LL09.    Dissolve the Boundaries

LL10.    The World of Shakespeare

LL11.    Haiku

LL12.    Basic Hindi

LL13.    The Supernatural in Literature

LL14.    History of the Book

LL15.    Allo?  Ici Paris.”:   (” Hello? Paris on the line”)

LL17:    The True Voice: Introducing English Poetry

LL.18:    Netzwerk Deutsh- Englisch


SC01:   Natural Resource Management

SC02:   Science and Sustainable Development

SC03:   Scientists and Inventions (Science/History)

SC04:   Society and Science (Science/Critical Thinking)

SC05:   Ecological History of India

SC06:   Environmental Outdoor Studies

SC07:   Decoding the Genetically Modified


Performing Arts

PA01:   Dance (Contemporary, Salsa)

PA02:   Drumming (West African Drumming Module)

PA03: Drumming Second Level-

PA04:   Music and Poetry

PA05:   Performing Shakespeare

PA06:   Photography

PA07:  Strings and Music (Guitar)

PA08:  The Paint Basket (Basic Painting)