Streams Offered

We offer courses in the 3 streams which are necessary components of a ‘total’ education.

  • Humanities & Social Sciences (H&SS)
  • Literature & Language (L&L)
  • Sciences (Sc)

Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS)

An eternal question as an individual…WHO AM I? This query has probably tormented mankind since the dawn of civilization, and remains one of the most vexing of all human questions. What is my role as a friend, as a family member, as a member of my local community or as a colleague and employee? Are my little concerns regarding health, shopping, leisure, savings, etc. connected to big business issues, world politics and cultural changes?

The study of humanities and social sciences helps you to unravel these connections, to understand people and communities, and their roles in the world. You will understand the world we live in better, be able to analyse national and world events confidently and learn to take decisions independently and imaginatively.

Languages and Literature (L&L)

The life of any nation is interwoven with its language. The essence and spirit of its people is captured in its literature. Learning languages and reading literature helps to understand people and also to inherit or share in their culture. To study and appreciate them is to understand societies, their histories and their futures better.

Globalisation and booming Asian economies have increased the demand for languages such as Chinese, Spanish, French and Hindi. This has led to a tenfold increase in the marketability and placement prospects for students with these language skills. You will learn to communicate more effectively and enjoy enriched relationships at work, at home and in communities. Enjoy cross-cultural interactions and fit in comfortably anywhere in the world.

Sciences (Sc)

Existence is bewildering in its scope and man is relentless in his search for truth. This search for truth is science. Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography, to name just a few, are specializations which have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge; which is accurate as far as it goes, but incomplete as regards the totality of things.

The Sciences attempt to blur the boundaries between these various specializations, opening your mind to the fullness of existence. The Taj Mahal wouldn’t have been half as beautiful if there hadn’t been any geometry in its architecture! You will learn to evaluate the scientific developments that have made our lives more comfortable over the years. Also assess the price we have paid for these in terms of ecological degradation, political power equations, etc and what we can do now to ensure that our children inherit a safer, healthier planet.