Aug 04, 2020

The Department of Commerce at Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce, Pune, is organising a National Webinar on ‘Reshaping India post Covid -19’.
Today, as we face global health and socio-economic crises, the pandemic has left devastating, deep and longstanding effect on economies around the world. Even more than five months on, no economy, industry or business has been spared from the effects of novel corona virus. 
Hence, it will be fair to conclude that, every society and industry is experiencing unique set of challenges. When the entire humanity finds itself in the midst of uncertainty and gradually adopts to the new normal for every aspect of our life - be it personal, business or social, the efforts for revival become essential. As we enter the phase of revival, we are in need of radical reforms with intent, performance with integrity and transformation with intensity. 
This webinar aims at providing opportunity to listen to experts from different sectors in order to discuss, deliberate and introspect on reforms in education, transformation in healthcare, future of tourism and post Covid world order with India at the epicentre. The webinar will give us an opportunity to understand how India shall re-emerge itself post Covid 19 , and what shall be our role in it.
Date: Monday,10th & Tuesday,11th August 2020  Time : 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Meeting Platform: Microsoft Teams
Guest speakers and Topics:
? Topic- ‘Future of Tourism’ 
Speaker -Mr.  Tsering Wange, Founder & CEO of Himalayan Holidays, Arunachal Pradesh, Vice-President,North Easet India Tourism Confederation
? Topic – ‘Post Covid World Order and India’
Speaker - Dr. Shrikant Paranjape, Former Honorary Adjunct Professor in the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, SPPU 
? Topic – ‘New Education Policy’
Speaker - Principal Anirudh Deshpande, President,Centre for Educationa Development Administration’. Former Principal-BMCC
? Topic – ‘Revisiting Healthcare’ 
Speaker-Mr. Parag Deshmukh, Additional Director, Strategic International Business Development, Serum Institute of India Ltd. 
All registered participants will receive digital participation certificate on attending the webinar on both days.
Registration is free.
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National Webinar Poster