MA and M.Com. Backlog internal-2 Subject code and notice

Oct 03, 2020

Notice for Backlog MCQ (Internal 2) and Assignemt-2 Examination Sept/Oct 2020
MA & M.Com.
Those students who have backlog in MCQ (Internal 2) and assignment-2(MA English) for
semester 1, 2,3, and 4 are required to join concerned Google classroom.
Students will have to complete assignment given in concerned Google classroom instead
of MCQ Exam. and for MA English Assignment-2
Google Classroom codes are uploaded on college website.
Instructions regarding Assignment will be uploaded by concerned subject teachers in
concerned subject’s Google Classrooms.
Last date of submission of Assignment will be 10th October 2020.
Students to note, only those students who have filled backlog form in June/July, 2020 for
Backlog MCQ will be able to submit Backlog assignment (Internal 2)

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