Important Notice regarding Rescheduling of SY BA Sem IV Regular and Backlog Examinations

Mar 12, 2019

This is to inform all SY BA Sem IV Regular and Backlog Students that the Examinations scheduled on Tuesday 23rd April, 2019 are RESCHEDULED on Thursday,25th April 2019 between 11am to 1pm due to Lok Sabha election 2019, as given below:

a) Microeconomics: Theories and Application II (Eco Spl.3) (43241A16)

b) Therapeutic Interventions (Psy Spl. 3)(43261A16)

c)Neo-Classical Literature (Eng.Spl.3) (43252A16)

d)Principles of Microeconomics-2 (Eco. Spl. 3)(12A43241)

e) Therapeutic Interventions (Psy Spl.3) (12A43261),

f) Modern Drama (Eng.Spl.3) (12A43252)