Backlog Assignment Topics, Notice and Teacher Incharge April 2019

Mar 19, 2019

Important Notice for Backlog Assignments
April 2019 Examinations:
1) Students will have to complete the journals with topics available
on College Website.
2) Students will have to write assignment in the same semester
journal for which they have a backlog.
3) Submissions will be on 9 th and 10 th April 2019 between 8.30am to
4) Please check the list of teacher-in charge on website.
5) Students will have to submit journals to concerned subject
teacher in charge only.
6) No journals will be accepted after 10 th April 2019.
7) Carrying admit card and I-card is compulsory.
Backlog Assignments:
1.fyba backlog asssignment topics
2.fybcom backlog assignment topics
3.syba backlog assignment topics
4.sybcom backlog assignment topics
5.tyba backlog asssignment topics
6.Tybcom backlog assignment topics
Teacher Incharge Backlog Assignments:
1.fyba teacher incharge
2.fybcom teacher incharge
3.syba teacher incharge
4.sybcom teacher incharge
5.tyba teacher incharge
6.tybcom teacher incharge