SY and TY Verification and Revaluation Notice for Oct 19 Examination

Dec 23, 2019

Notice for SY and TY Revaluation of Answer papers

ThestudentsarerequiredtofollowtheproceduregivenbelowforRevaluationofAnswer Papers:

  • First apply for photocopy of Answerpapers

  • Fee for photocopy of answer paper is Rs. 300/- per sbject

  • Date &Time:

Collect form for applying for Photocopy on payment of Rs. 10/- from the Cash Counter from 24th Dec 2019 to 2nd Jan 2020 between 10:30am and I:00pm

  • GetthecompletedFormverifiedfromtheExaminationSectionintheBasement. Please attach a photocopy of the Marksheet with the Photocopyform

  • Submittheverifiedformwithfeesforphotocopy(Rs.350/-persubject)totheCash Counter

  • Collect photocopies of answer papers on 7th  and 8th  Jan 2020 from Examination section between 10.30am and 1:00pm by showing thereceipts.

  • OnlY :ifter receiving photocopy of answer paper students may apply for Revaluation.

  • Collect Revaluation form from the Cash Counter on payment of Rs.20/-

  • Get the completed Revaluation Form verified from the Examination Section inthe


  • Date & Time for Applying for Revaluation of answer papers: th  Jan to 13th Jan 2020 between 10:30am and 1:00pm

  • Revaluation Fees Rs. 400/- per subject to be paid at the CashCounter

  • Please attach a photocopy of the Marksheet with the Revaluationform.