Batches for T.Y.B.A Mid –Semester V Examination from 6/9/2018 to 11/9/2018

Batches for T.Y.B.A Mid –Semester V Examination from 6/9/2018 to 11/9/2018


Date Subject Roll No Batch Time



Insights into Literature – A                   (Comp Eng) 3401 to 3481 10.35am to 10.55am
3482 to 3559 10.55am to 11.15am
Indian Literature in English Translation  ( General English) All General English Students 11.15am to 11.35am



Social Sector: Issues and Policy Framework (General economics) All General Economics Student 10.35am to 10.55am
Experimental Psychology & Psychological Testing ( Psychology Spl 5) OR International Trade and Global  Economic Environment ( Eco Spl 5) All  Economics and Specialisation Students 10.55am to 11.15am
An Introduction to Linguistics(Eng. Spl. 5) All English Specialisation Students 11.15am to 11.35am
10/9/2018 Monday  

Organizational Behavior( General Psychology )

All Psychology Specialisation Students 10.35am to 10.55am
English Literature of the Modern Period ( Eng Spl 6) OR  Mathematics for Economics: Theory and Applications ( Eco Spl 6) All English Economics Specialisation Students  

10.55am to 11.15am





Contemporary Issues in Geography I ( Gen Geog) All General Geography Students 10.05am to 10.25am
Political Thinkers. Eastern – Western (General Political Science) All General Political Science 10.25am to 10.45am
  1. Hindi paper scheduled on 6/9/2018 will be conducted offline in classrooms at 11.30am.Students have to check the seating arrangement on the day of Examination.
  2. Students will have to report 10 minutes before scheduled time for examination.
  3. The exam will be conducted in the computer lab (Basement)
  4. Carrying I card is compulsory.