The College offers different types of Scholarships, Free ships and free studentships scheme. These Schemes are controlled by the various Central and State Governments, Non-Government departments for the welfare of the students during their educational tenure.

Schemes and Eligibility Criteria

Schemes Eligibility Criteria
Government of India Post Matric e-Scholarship & Freeship
(Online System)
Reservation caste Category Student Maharashtra State only. Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Class, Special Backward Class, Vimukta Jaties & Nomadic Tribe
Schedule Tribe:-
State Open Merit Scholarship Students achieving more than 80% marks in HSC exam are eligible for applying for this scholarship for FY.B.COM/BA
**Primary Teacher Free- Studentship (PTC)
*Secondary Teacher Free-studentship (STC) **Defence Service Personnel(DSP), ** Ex-Servicemen
Eligible students should collect the prescribed application form from the scholarship section
Economically Backward Class Parents’ Income limitation upto to 100000/- Parents’ Income Certificate from Tahsildar Office
Circular code no.20120525151923523001
Minority Scholarship (Online System) For Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Christian, Jain Bouddha community.
Physically Handicapped Scholarship For physically challenged students. Students has to collect the Prescribed application form, from the scholarship section or download from the website :-
Central Sector Scholarship (12th std scoring percentage base) For brief guidelines, students should refer to the following websites:-
Arthik Durbal Ghatak Scholarship For brief guidelines, students should refer to the following website:-
Krantijyoti Savitrimata Phule Scholarship NOTE:- This scheme is only for female student For brief guidelines, students should refer to the following website:
ICCR Scholarship Mainly for the foreign national For brief guidelines students should refer to the following website:-
Bhutan scholarship For students of Bhutan
Various State Backward Class (Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram,
Nagaland Tripura, Manipur)
For the students of concerned states

Students should refer to scholarship notices and the following websites from time to time for availing various Scholarships / Freeships.



Bus pass concession Endorsement on the prescribed form, from scholarship section
Daily train concession For daily journey to attend the college Submission of application to scholarship section
Railway concession

Long journey

Journey to native place in vacations Collection of prescribed application form from the Student Help Desk located on the ground floor. Submission of the same to the scholarship section.
Air travel concession Only in vacation for visiting native place Certification from scholarship section