Sr. No. FAQ
1 What is ACCA?
ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a globally recognized professional qualification for a career in finance, accounting and management
2 How can one acquire an ACCA qualification in Symbiosis?
The ACCA has partnered with Symbiosis to offer its certification program. This is conducted parallel with the regular BA/BCom course and can be completed together in three years
3 What is the structure of the course?
The course consists of 14 papers of which
  • First 3 lead to a diploma in Accounting and Business
  • Next 6 lead to an advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • And the final 5 lead to the ACCA certification
4 What is the time line for ACCA along with BCom?
  • First 6 papers along with First year BCom/BA
  • Next 4 papers along with Second year BCom/BA
  • Last 4 papers along with Third year BCom/BA
  • The above is the recommended timeline, but students have the liberty to choose their own pace.
    5 What is the admission procedure for an Indian student for ACCA?
    Indian students will have to apply for BCom/BA along with the regular students as per the merit list on the basis of the 12th standard board results and this usually takes place in June.

    For ACCA they will have to register separately by filling in an online application form in the first week of May. There is no non-refundable deposit of Rs. 2000/- this year onwards. Those who have already paid a deposit of Rs 2000/-will have to ensure that it is adjusted to the ACCA tuition fees.
    6 What is the admission procedure for an NRI Student for BCom & ACCA at Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce?
    On obtaining the 12th standard results, NRI Students are required to approach the international centre, University of Pune ( and obtain a letter of admission and only then approach the college . The procedure for this is mentioned on the university website under international centre. This usually happens end May after the CBSC results are out. No admission for BCom/BA is done by the college directly for NRI and foreign students.

    For ACCA registration the procedure is the same as for the Indian students. For ACCA they will have to register separately in the first week of May by filling in an online application form.

    Subsequently fees will have to be paid in the first week of June
    7 What are the fees for ACCA?

    Click here for fee schedule for the academic year 2016-17

    8 Details on Hostel availability
    Please contact Mr. Subhedar on 9011059219 Hostel accommodation on campus for boys and girls will be provided on the basis of 12th standard results as per merit.
    9 What is the contact mail address?