Diploma Course

A diploma is awarded after the successful completion of six courses. Of these six courses, the student must choose at least one from each stream in order to qualify for the diploma. This is to ensure that students get a 360° holistic perspective.

Duration: The diploma has been designed to be completed in 3 years as a value added course along with the regular degree programme. But it can be completed earlier on the Fast Track.

Fast Track: Students in hurry may complete their Diploma in less than 3 years. You can schedule your courses with the Counselors in such a manner that you are able to complete all 6 courses in 4/ 5 semesters. This is ideal for students who would like to concentrate on their final year exams and other competitive exams in the 3rd year as all 6 courses can easily be completed within 2 years.

Validity: 3 years with an extended validity of 18 months.