Academic Autonomy

Acknowledged as a forerunner in the field of education and backed by experience of three decades, the Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce is proud to state that from this Academic Year, 2012-13, it will enjoy ‘Academic Autonomy’ while continuing to be affiliated to the Savitribai Phule University of Pune. The freedom to devise and frame an interdisciplinary syllabus, in addition to offering a wide array of exciting courses would be amongst the umpteen benefits enjoyed under the system. Highlights of our Programmes under Autonomy
  1. The concept of Academic Autonomy was recommended almost fifty years ago. The rising number of affiliated colleges to a University poses academic and administrative difficulties. It becomes difficult to maintain and assure quality of education.
  2. In the present scenario the competition is getting intense and complex, therefore the need for qualitative, relevant and contemporary education is felt more prominently. Academic Autonomy is conferred by UGC is to be considered as an honour for any college. It is positive reflection on the academic excellence nurtured by that college.
  3. Symbiosis Arts & Commerce has been honoured with Autonomy from the Academic Year 2012-2013, thus we aim to offer meaningful education that will strike a balance between employability skills and evolving personality.
  4. The college will continue to be affiliated to Savitribai Phule University of Pune and the degree will be conferred by University of Pune.

Innovative Features:

  1. Interdisciplinary approach
  2. Wider choice of subjects etc.
  3. Freedom and Flexibility in creating Innovative, Progressive and Need Based Educational Programs.
  4. Flexibility in Designing and Restructuring Syllabi
  5. Innovating Teaching Methodology
  6. Continuous Evaluation and Assessment Process
  7. Creative use of ICT
  1. A student who wishes to pursue any other professional courses like CA or CWA etc. will certainly benefit as the courses of Accounts and Financial Management specialization are specially designed to suit such requirements.
  2. A student who wishes to pursue MBA or similar PG courses will certainly be at advantage as the specialization subjects will be dealt with greater depth. A student who wishes to have varied exposure will have the opportunity to do so as we will be launching semester abroad, summer school abroad, faculty led exchanges with domestic as well as International Institutions and the credits earned through such programs will be accepted for the final degree purposes .
  3. To make the degree more resilient we are proposing to offer an option of ‘Honours’ as well as Dual Specialization.The achievements one has made in the field of sports or cultural activities will also be given due respect by awarding suitable credits. The college is known for various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which have been helping our students to develop their personalities. Participation of such activities will also be given due credit

Under autonomy the assessment philosophy will be different and the focus will be shifted from rote learning to creative, analytical and problem solving methods.

International Initiatives:

We already have academic collaborations with various universities from USA & Europe. These collaborations will offer our students an opportunity to participate in various collaborative activities such as student exchange programs, joint research programs and international seminars etc.

College Timings for the Senior College will be from 7.30 am to 11.05 am.


*Subject to approval by Governing Body of Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce.